This is the text from the CD card of the Dill Records re-release of Nerds, 1 in 3,000 Nerds Can't be Wrong.

1 in 3,000 Nerds Can't be Wrong is the last time you'll see this set of songs in this format. Why is this? Well, let me just give you a short story of how this recording came to be. I first assembled this recording back in 1994 as a personal project. It began as a vision to release something different and fun. I had already been in Janitors Against Apartheid for a few years so it was a pre-existing goal to come out with a set of songs. My original idea was to have a split recording with the band Out of Order from Hermosa Beach California. The format would be two 7" records. Basically, the packaging theme was going to be "OJ." You know, "O" for Out of Order and "J" for Janitors Against Apartheid. The sleeve was to be printed on newsprint and made to look like tabloids with tons of OJ Simpson pictures all over it. After a few days of thinking about it, I thought it was a stupid idea and opted to just have "OJ," as in orange juice, as the theme. The records would be printed on orange vinyl. When time came for Janitors Against Apartheid to record for this project, we actually recorded more songs than I anticipated we would. Also, at the time, I did not want to separate the set of songs we recorded. So what did that mean? Maybe a double 10" or 12" record set? Unfortunately, Out of Order did not have enough songs ready to add time to their side of the split, so in came One Eye Open of Fullerton CA. One Eye Open had a killer demo tape called Rob-Lits released and from listening to it, I knew they would be a band I would want to work with. The music came together rather quickly and I had changed my mind once again for the packaging. This time, I came up with the Nerds theme. Who doesn't like Nerds the candy? Two flavors in one package. It rules! I thought that this would be a fun idea. In fact, it was all I could see in my head for a while. The end product was a split album called Nerds with two bands in one nice compact disc or cassette package. I wanted to do a vinyl version too but did not have the money for it. On a side note, my mom bought a bulk box of the actual candy and I had a limited amount of Nerds shrinkwrapped with boxes of candy. I'm sure you can guess what happened when the album started selling across the nation. I honestly didn't think we could sell more than one thousand copies of this album so the fear of legal problems didn't really enter my head. Anyhow, the end result was the discontinuation of Nerds. This release you hold in your hands marks the last chapter for the Nerds release. Basically, Nerds was released by myself through Dill Records. When the legal problems came up, Dill Records covered for me. The revenue made from this release comes nowhere close to the amount of money Dill Records has to pay. So, Dill Records is releasing these songs one more time, in a different package, to help pay costs. There are only 3,000 copies of this release available, hence the name. Well, that's my little story. I hope you enjoy this collection of songs. It's not much but it was a fun ride.

Michael Liu