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Updated 3-17-04: Greetings everyone and welcome to The Janitors Against Apartheid website. Here is the latest news: Talks of a Janitors reunion hold no ground permenatly. I have talked to serveral memebers of this defunkt band and most responces where "Yeah, right.. Cool day in hell" to no email or phone call back responces. I know at least three people where down, but you can't do it if everyone's not game. Perhaps Amir from VH-1 will come and track everyone down. YEAH RIGHT! Sorry its taking so long to put the Photo page up with all the pictures I have but I can't seem to figure it out. Plus I need major help with the MP3 page too. "Where Are They Now?" I will post somewhere in the Stuff page. I will be interviewed by a music magazine from Japan in a few weeks about JAA, and the third wave-ska sceen that took over from the early to late 90's. If you have any photos, video, bootlegs, or stories about JAA email me and I will hopfully post a fan page link here as well. Farewell, & once again thanks friends.. BAN GEORGE BUSH NOT HOWARD STERN!!

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