Yes, JAA HAS been on this many albums, pretty insane huh?

Nga Ga Mom (self-released) [cassette] 1991
Moppin’ 4 Equality (self-released) [cassette] 1992
Pizza O'Clock (self-released) [cassette] 1993
I Work at Lucky (2 Big Hairy Guys Records) [10"] 1994
One for the Road (Paprika Music) [cassette] 1994
I Can Pick Most Locks with a Credit Card (Paprika Music) [cassette] 1995
Six Feet Under III compilation (Psycho Sun Records) [cassette] 1995
Skankin’ Around the Internet compilation [cassette] 1995
What’s the Reality of That? three way split (Paprika Music) [cassette] 1995
Misfits of Ska compilation (Dill Records/Asian Man Records) [cassette/cd] 1995
Nerds split (Dill Records) [cassette/cd] 1995
Jolt: America’s Most Powerful Compilation (J4 Records) [cd] 1996
Salad Bowl Theory compilation (Fullified Records) [cd] 1996
California Ska-Quake: Aftershock compilation (Moon Records) [cd] 1996
Punk Goes Ska compilation (Stiff Dog Records) [cd] 1996