This interview is from an issue of YOU GO!, a Santa Cruz ska zine

It's funny as hell so read the whole thing!

JAA are one of the best ska-core bands around.they have been around for a longtime
and have gone through many lineup changes.The last time they played santa cruz was
at Slow Gherkins cd release party.They are on Moons new California Ska-Quake cd.
This is a very funny interview so you better read the whole thing.Snoop Lodgey Lodge
was kind enough to this interview and get us the JOLT! cd.

YG:Who is currently in the band?did you replace michael liu now
that he's a skankin' pickle?

JAA:Current line-up is
Brian Lodge Waster:sax and lead vocals,robotechnology
Pete Nice: guitar,vocals,supersneaks
Aaron Brownbud:bass,skinflute
Justin Etrip:drums,St. Ides Special Brewmaster
Paul Bocksciao Johannsen Grinns:trumpet,beer bong
We had our good friend Traygen Beefland(ex MU330) on sax for
most of our tour, and hopefully he will be joining us full time
starting in December.

YG:What lineup changes have occured through the years?

JAA:The band started 5 years ago with Pete Nice(then known as
G-riffic)on guitar, MC Loaf on vocal screamings, DJ Creech X on
sax and trombone(neither of which he actually knew how to play),
Two Tone Tony on bass, and a drum machine. A couple of weeks
later, Brian Lodge Waster(then known as Half Headus ex-Nomadus)
and Aaron Brownbud(known as Nerdvana) joined as sax players.
Aaron quickly took over bass and Tony moved on to the drum set and
Creech punched Dave with a microphone so he was boooooted.
Then Mike Liu joined on sax, then Derelict joined on trumpet, then Tony
quit, then Justin Etrip(then known as Mr. Ball) joined,then MC Loaf
quit and Brian took over on vocals, then Derelict quit, the Paul Boksciao
Johannsen Grinns joined(then known as Mr. Thickie), then Mike Liu quit,
now Traygen Beefland is on deck asthe 3rd horny horn. Basically, we like to say
that we've been together for a little over a year because that's when we
actually started taking it semi-seriously...
Hey, you asked.

TG:When did JAA first get together?

JAA:January 1992, but the current lineup in summer 1995...I guess
we should have changed our name, but we love it too much...tons.

YG:Where are you guys from?

JAA:We are all from Lynbrook High School in San Jose, CA! Except for
Paul...he's from Phoenix,AZ. I met him at Occidental College
in Los Angeles and forced him to perform oral pleasures on farm animals
before he was allowed in the band.

YG:What kind of stuff do you have that we can buy?

JAA:We have the NERDS Cd/cass which is a split with SoCal drunken
dork legends One Eye Open, and a couple of compilations (Jolt:America's
Most Powerful Compilation w/Less Than Jake,Slapstick,Bruce Lee Band,and
and many more...California Skaquake II:The Aftershock featuring the
best of the California scene)

YG:How did you come up with the name?

JAA:We were hanging out at the San Jose airport, hoping to catch a
glimpse of MCHammer, who was scheduled to arrive that night. There was
some crazy Rasta man running around the terminal screaming about all of the
crimes against humanity. So he comes up to Pete Nice and says, "Hey man! I
dig your braids. You got to help me clean it up,dude. You got to be a
Janitor...fight racism in the restrooms."
It just kind of came naturally from there.

YG:So what happened with you and slims?

JAA:Wow..that's ancient history. A couple of years ago, we played
Slim's with Skankin' Pickle. I guess they hadn't anticipated the need
for stage security for us, the measly opening band, but people started going
crazy and pulling the mic out of MC Loaf's hands. The sound guy got pissed and
told us we'd never play Slim's again. Boo fucking hoo. That same night,
Skankin' Pickle gotted banned from Slim's also because Mr. Clean socked a
bouncer. Funny thing is, they forgot about we played there last
Spring with Goldfinger. How fucking pointless!!

YG:Are there any hard feelings towards michael for leaving?

JAA:At first we were upset, but there have never been hard
feelings. He worked very hard to earn the opportunity to be in Skankin' Pickle.
He rulz!!!

YG:What are your musical influences?

JAA: Porn music. Seriously.

YG:Who wrote oh...ok?and what influenced him to do so?

JAA:MC Loaf wrote the lyrics...Pete and Brian wrote the music.
Half the band used to work at Little Caesars, and much of that time was spent
making vaginas and penises out of the dough, then covering the genitalia with
butter sauce. Oh...OK!! is about making a dough pussy, putting it through
the oven, and fucking it.

YG:Where have you guys played ? tours etc.are you planning on
going on a tour soon?

JAA:We just finished up a summer tour with MU330 and
ruled!!! We're going to do a 3 week tour in December, and play almost every weekend
until school ends...then it's hardcore touring 300 days a year.

YG:Are you guys going to continue on dill?

JAA:Yes. Dill is a great label. We may release a 7-inch for another
label, but our next release will be a full length on Dill, hopefully out by the end of
the year.

YG:Anything else you want to say?

JAA:Santa Cruz rulz!!!! Hook us up with shows there!!!

YG:How can people get a hold of you or order stuff?

JAA:I'll send an ad...but our address is PO Box 700692 San Jose,CA
95170 JAA Hotline is toll free!!! 1-888-347-5829

YG:thanx alot from US at you go! ska-zine