And if i were to say, "Now I am nothing."
And if i were to live by my regrets,
I'd have suck to the bottom long ago,
And scrimped to save my breath.

And if i thought that was a concious choice,
No, I never would have suck my teeth in.
But you can't bring me down.

So last drag for this college fag,
Putting on miles but no more putting on smiles,
And no more wasted time.

And if i thought love was a concious choice,
No, I never would have sunk my teeth in.
But you can't bring me down,
And now I know that nothing can phase me.


I don't need no second chance by getting in your
savior's pants and I don't need god's sympathy,
I ain't done nothing wrong to ME so why try to
run and why try to hide from the desires you're
feeling INSIDE I cannot base my decisions on no
one's RELIGION, religion don't matter, your
concepts will shatter, your plans erupt, that's
when i pick it back UP.

Because I just can't understand don't want Jesus
to hold my hand and why are you HARASSING
me and preaching that there's NO TOMORROW?
'Cause look outside, the wind still blows, garden
still grows, and the SUN set and rise LIFE does
go on, deep in SIN, and I plan to go with it, you
god fearing bullshit's become an annoyance:


Good change has come our way
And you know we're here to stay
The sun is rising on a brand new day,
And a brand new JAA.

I can see clearly now the rain is gone
And all of the obstacles are out of my way
The sun is rising on a brand new life,
And a brand new JAA.

That's what I say.


Nothing left to give but the skin off of my hands
I've given in to your demerits and demands
So I punch the clock, hey brother can you spare
A dime for wasted time? There ain't nobody there

I don't want to feel the drone
When the sunlights final rays have shown upon my face
I will not be called a disgrace.

So why am I digging up concrete if nothing's set in stone?
So why surrounded by my friends I'm still alone?
So why is happy music blackened by these words?
Stop asking questions trying to make good sence of the absurd.


He's done filled his last donut, last muffin, last cake.
He puts the pizza in his pants, sets the oven to bake.
Ideas flow into his head from the pornos, you know
He's a-hungry and a-horny sticks his dong in the dough.
Bakin' up some pizza in a sexual frenzy, sounds the alarm,
and then he slices it, serves it right up on a tray.
May i take your order? Oh...OK!

Fingering his finger puppet, gets down on his knees and FUCKS it
Fingering his finger puppet, gets on his....
Who needs a girl?
We don't need no inflatable doll,
Cause when you got some raw dough,
You've got a friend for life.
Grabs a hold of the dough, and you know he starts humpin'
He says, "It's not really weird, it's like a loogie or something!"
He digs masturbation, hears it's makin' a comeback,
He rolls up the dough for quite some snack,
Some think he's sexually repressed, some say his mind's diseased,
Some call him up at Little Ceasar's, order Cheeser cheese!


Chilli' down at the local arcade, I score a wet dream sweeter
than lemonade, Seas of quarters overflowin' my pants, I follow
in my zombie trance, Scores of voices that call out to me,
disposable lights stare at the blinking screen, I climb to the summit,
I reach my goal, YO man what's the time?
It's time to moon patrol.

Bellbottom fantasies and polyester tights, the road to Star Search
is in my sights, Spotlight shine, stare at the pretty
shapes, going blind buried under eight track tapes, My forhead is
sweating, dripping, pouring, whens the flood coming? You call
this boring? I'm a man on a mission, get down on the dance floor
the final inquisition and the crowd wants more and more

The game, it's a wonderful creation, the dance, that's sweeping
'cross the nation, Put your feet together, move from side to
side, get off your ass and do a mothafuckin slide across the
dance floor, In the dope arcade, put on your dancing shoes and
you've got it made.

Sweat drips off my brow, tense fists hit the crowd, I've got a
good grip on my joystick, I'm in the zone and i'm takin a lickin
Jumping aliens, jumping craters, a planet of video game
masturbators. A tense climax of broken glass shattering in my face


When will we assemble again as one?
When will I be able to fit into this place?
When will we realize were all in the same club
as members of the human race?

Everyone feels the need to fit in.
And everyone wants to be accepted within,
Groups, clubs, categories, we all belong to one,
But when you figure out who you want to be,
the game is won.

So why do you dress the way you do?
Why do you act the way you do?
Why do you die your hair blue?

Compromise yourself just so you can be one of them
You're just saliva in a trendy pool of phlegm
No longer an individual, a stereotype in a human shell.

Don't i belong?
Don't i belong?
What must i do to be one of you?

Sometimes I wanna be a jock and take no slack.
Sometimes I want to be a batcaver and dress in black.
Now I'll be a thrash-funker and slap on my bass.
And now i'll just be a punk rocker and FUCK THIS PLACE.